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2017 - Foreign Publications

Green infrastructure and flood management. Promoting cost-efficient flood risk reduction via green infrastructure solutions


The European Enviroment Agency has produced this report about cost-efficient green river management with examples from Germanny, France, Belgium and Polen. Wetlands and Floodplain offer value-for-money solutions to river flooding.


EEA report: Climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction in Europe


This report aims to contribute to better informed EU, national and subnational strategies, plands and multi-stakeholder processes for enhancing the coherence between Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).


EEA report: Financing urban adaption to climate change


A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report highlights the opportunities open to municipalities to share best practices and how they can support projects like green roofs or expanding city parks to help alleviate the negative effects of climate change.


‘BASE Inspiration and Adaptation Book’


The inspirationbook ’BASE Inspiration and Adaptation Book ’is the result of four years of comprehensive case-studies, which is completed within EU FP7 Project BASE:

Bottom-up climate adaptation strategies towards a sustainable Europe (2012-2016).

In 142 pages this book represents a number of european examples towards adaption to climate changes in the areas of:

•Argriculture & Forestry / Biodiversity and Ecosystems (7 examples.)
•Waterressources & Health (5 examples)
•Coastal Zones / Human Settlements & Infrastructure (11 examples


Rebuilding with Resilience


In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the Obama adminstration, in parthership with The Rockefeller Foundation, launched the innovative Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition, which sought to inspire affected communities to rebuild differently in ways that would enhance their physical, economic, social and environmental resilience. This report aims to capture and share lessons learned from the innovative process for development the RBD proposals and the novel project that were generated through this competition.