2018- Foreign Publications
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2018- Foreign Publications

National climate change vulnerability and risk assessments in Europe, 2018. 

The EEA report 'National climate change vulnerability and risk assessments in Europe 2018,' is the first review of how the 33 EEA member countries (including the 28 European Union Member States) have assessed the risks from climate change, and how they used this information in developing adaptation policies to address these risks.


Sharing adaptation information across Europe

This report, written by European Environment Agency (EEA), provides an evaluation on how the growing knowledge on adaptation in Europe has been captured, and how it is presented on the web-based European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) and shared across Europe.


10 case studies - How Europe is adapting to climate change

This report, written by Climate-ADAPT, is a unique collection of 10 European case studies showcases measures that are already being carried out in Europe to increase resilience to extreme weather and slow-onset events, as well as improve adaptation to climate change. Sharing these ideas will raise awareness of what is possible and inspire the creation of new activities to deal with observed and expected climate change impacts.