Newsletter | 16-11-2017
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Evaluation of municipal climate change efforts

In the period February to August 2016, a working group with representatives from several ministries carried out an evaluation of municipal climate change adaptation efforts. All 98 municipalities have prepared a climate change adaptation plan. These plans map flooding from the sea, watercourses, groundwater and rainfall. The objective of the evaluation was to examine: 1) the possibility of utilities to finance municipal investment in climate change adaptation solutions through wastewater taxes 2) whether activities that can be financed through water charges have been clearly identified, 3) the implementation of municipal climate change adaptation plans, and 4) the socio-economic benefits of municipal climate change adaptation. Read a summary of the evaluation


New nature solutions prevent cities from flooding

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food has granted DKK 24,4 million to nine projects in which municipalities will take care of climate proofing and ensuring better environmental conditions and less nitrogen in the aquatic environment. Recently the grant has been increased with DKK 10 million to additional projects, which will be decided before end of December 2017. Read more


Coast to Coast Climate Challenge

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, or C2C CC, is a LIFE IP running in the period 2017 - 2022. The project have 31 partners  running 24 sub projects managed by the partners. Central Denmark Region is responsible for the project management. 

The total budget is GBP 10,5m of which GBP 6m are subsidised by EU LIFE. Learn more about the project

C2c Cc


Cities 100-report

Copenhagen and Gladsaxe, a surrounding municipality to Copenhagen are represented with innovative solutions to adapt to climate change in a new report 100 solutions for climate change action in cities which was launched during the Climate Week NYC in September 2017.


A new case in this newsletter focus on a new, absorbent road surfacing designed to absorb large amounts of water.

Further cases can be seen at the website State-of-Green, which is the entry point for relevant information on green solutions in Denmark, as e.g. the Project Stork Field, Randers, Sønæs, Viborg and Kokkedal – the blue-green garden city.

New, permeable road surfacing in Frederiksberg instead of expensive drain pipes  
New, permeable road surfacing in Frederiksberg instead of expensive drain pipes
In 2011, the greater Copenhagen area was hit by a massive cloudburst event. Helenevej, a small cul-de-sac to the larger Bülowsvej road in Frederiksberg Municipality, was flooded. Today, the road has new climate-friendly road surfacing designed to absorb large amounts of water.
  Read more

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