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Copenhagen Zoo retains water

At Copenhagen Zoo in Frederiksberg, wombats, kangaroos and Tasmanian devils live on top of an infiltration basin with 650 infiltration cells and an overall volume of 142 m3. The infiltration cells collect, percolate and retain rainwater. The Zoo is situated on the top of Valby Bakke (Valby hill) and since 2015 the infiltration bed has helped protect the residential areas at the foot of the hill against the worst effects of cloudbursts. The infiltration system also helps the Zoo save on water consumption, as rainfall in general is now also collected and used to clean out pools and animal enclosures.

  • Status: The infiltration system has been put into service. New and similar projects are in the making
  • Background: Densely built-up urban area at risk during cloudbursts
  • The solution: The infiltration bed can hold up to 142 cubic metres of water
  • Benefits and added value: Bona-fide win-win solutions for the Zoo and the residents of Frederiksberg
  • Financing: Financed by the utility company
  • The process and stakeholders: Smooth collaboration between two parties
  • Barriers: Only water quality posed minor challenges
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