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Large joint climate change adaptation project along the Store Vejle Å watercourse west of Copenhagen

Simple technical solutions have prepared neighbours to Store Vejle Å, a watercourse in the suburban district of Vestegnen west of Copenhagen, for more extreme rainfall events in the future. Furthermore, part of the riparian zone has been upgraded with more natural areas and recreational opportunities. Six municipalities and four utility companies joined forces to provide climate protection along the watercourse.

  • Status: The final part of the project was completed in November 2017
  • Background: More extreme rainfall events and a strong drive for collaboration
  • The solution: A resilient and simple solution for all types of weather
  • Benefits and added value: Safety for citizens and road users - and cleaner water
  • Financing: Paid for by Rail Net Danmark and the three utility companies
  • The process and stakeholders: Many years of collaboration is now more anchored
  • Barriers: "There is no such thing as the perfect project. But things are going very well"
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