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New Lakes Retain Rainwater in the Town of Tommerup Stationsby on Funen

In the Municipality of Assens on Funen, three new retention ponds are keeping the town of Tommerup Stationsby dry-shod, even after persistent and heavy rainfalls. The three lakes - together known as Tallerupsøerne - are the largest climate adaptation project to date on Western Funen. The lakes are interconnected via meandering channels, and during heavy rainfall the three lakes become one large lake able to retain as much as 22,000 cubic metres of water. When the lakes fill up with water, the water is led on via a controlled pipe system into the Brende Å watercourse. The lakes were established on a 7-hectare land area acquired for the project by the local public utility company, Assens Forsyning A/S. The land was already gently undulating. The project entailed digging the hollows deeper and adding the soil dug up to the hilly parts, thus accentuating the undulating terrain. The local inhabitants of the area have been actively involved in creating the new landscape and recreational area surrounding the lakes. The lakes were designed to withstand a five-year rainfall event but have proven capable of withstanding more.

  • Status: The lakes immediately proved their worth
  • Background: Flood events and more intense rain
  • The Solution: The lakes retain, treat and delay rainwater
  • Benefits and added value: A varied landscape, more nature and recreational opportunities
  • Financing: The public utility company, Assens Forsyning A/S, provided most of the investment
  • The process and stakeholders: Textbook example of how to engage the local community
  • Barriers: The project had only minor technical difficulties
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