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Sluice system at Aarhus River reduces the risk of flooding

The City of Aarhus has established a sluice at the mouth of the city's river, Aarhus Å. The sluice protects central parts of Aarhus against flooding. The construction serves two purposes. Firstly, four sluice gates will protect the city against intruding seawater during high sea levels, and, secondly, six powerful pumps will pump water away from the river and into the sea during cloudbursts. The sluice can pump as much as 18,000 litres of water per second from the river and out into the sea. In order to provide further protection for the low-lying parts of the city during high water levels, the two streets, Havnegade and Europaplads, as well as the area around the sluice itself, have been raised. The construction costs totalled DKK 46 million. A traditional solution, with underground retention basins to retain the water, would have cost ten times this amount.

  • Status: Central parts of Aarhus are now prepared for extensive water volumes
  • Background: Aarhus has a vulnerable location
  • The solution: Sluice with pump unit lets water in or out of the river
  • Benefits and added value: Cheapest and best
  • Financing: Paid for with wastewater tax
  • The process and stakeholders: The sluice project is of common interest
  • Barriers: Aesthetic considerations prove a challenge
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