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Stream restoration in Haarby reduces the risk of flooding

The city of Haarby in the Municipality of Assens on Funen experienced occasional flooding due to raised water levels in the local watercourse Haarby Å. As a consequence, the municipality established a new wetland area north of the city. The watercourse was remeandered and two new lakes were established. The new wetland serves as a retention buffer during heavy rainfall and therefore reduces the risk of flooding downstream in the city.

  • Wetland serves as a buffer
  • Background: Flooded basements due to saturated ground and heavy rainfall
  • The solution: Establishing a 32-hectare wetland
  • Benefits and added value: Recreational area and improved aquatic environment
  • Financing: A DKK 3-million project
  • The process and stakeholders: A long process
  • Barriers: Negotiations with landowners take time
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