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The citadel in Copenhagen can now cope with a 1,000-year rainfall

Seven cast-iron manhole covers on the ground are the only sign of extensive and very complex flood protection for the Citadel in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The Citadel is around 350 years old and is one of the best-preserved fortification works in Northern Europe. The fortification is a listed ancient monument. It also functions as military barracks and as a workplace for hundreds of staff in the Danish Defence. Furthermore, the Citadel is much visited by tourists, and Copenhageners use the ramparts around the Citadel as a green escape from the busy capital. In recent years, the Citadel has been exposed to several torrential flood events following cloudbursts. Following major underground work, the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation has now secured the Citadel against a 1,000-year rainfall event.

  • Status: Area within the ramparts has now been protected against cloudbursts
  • Background: Extensive and expensive flood events in 2011 and 2014
  • The solution: Larger pipes, large pumps and an underground retention basin
  • Benefits and added value: A valuable piece of cultural heritage has been preserved
  • Financing: The Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation paid for the project
  • The process and stakeholders: Comprehensive involvement of public authorities and experts
  • Barriers: Projects in protected areas are no walk in the park
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