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The City of Vejle protects against climate change and establishes a new urban space

Downtown Vejle lies in a river valley surrounded by some of the steepest slopes in Denmark, and at the bottom of a fjord flowing out to the Kattegat. Downtown Vejle has experienced repeated flooding. Through broad and efficient collaboration, the city has managed within few years to establish pumps, sluices, distribution works and a wildlife corridor. At the same time, the city has turned the water into something that adds value to the city in a new and attractive urban space that has been well received by residents. Flood-proofing Downtown Vejle is the first among several projects to protect residents, buildings and infrastructure against flooding.

  • Status: Rapid intervention with backs against the wall
  • Background: Repeated flooding
  • The solution: Coping with water from the skies, the sea and the hinterland
  • Benefits and added value: New attractive and popular urban area in Downtown Vejle
  • Financing: 100% co-financing
  • The process and stakeholders: Vejle Municipality and Vejle City Council have overall responsibility
  • Barriers: Very little space and many obstacles along the way
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