2007- Publications
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2007- Publications

IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007

The IPCC's fourth assessment report on global warming, "Climate Change 2007", provides an overall scientific assessment of global warming, and is the result of many years' work by thousands of climate researchers.

Climate Change in the European Alps
Adapting Winter Tourism and Natural Hazards Management

OECD 2007
Free download of summary, but the whole report costs money.

The report examines the implications of climate change for the economies in the European Alps. It focuses on adaptation measures to address two key vulnerabilities: increasing losses in winter tourism due to reduced snow cover, and increased exposure of settlements and infrastructure to natural hazards. Three countries are included in the study: France, Switzerland and Austria. Technological and behavioural adaptation measures, together with institutional structures and risk transfer mechanisms, are also reviewed.

Climate Change: The Cost of Inaction and the Cost of Adaptation
European Environment Agency
EEA Technical report No 13/2007

The report reviews, analyses and discusses the methodological issues regarding cost of inaction and cost of adaptation to climate change modelling. It also analyses possible cost impacts of climate change in the European economic sectors.

Ranking of the World's Cities Most Exposed to Coastal Flooding Today and in the Future (Summary)
OECD Environment Working Papers No. 1, OECD 2007
Ranking of the World's Cities Most Exposed to Coastal Flooding Today and in the Future (The full report)
OECD Environment Working Papers No. 1, OECD 2007

Climate change could triple population at risk from coastal flooding by 2070. The study analyses the exposure of people and property and infrastructure to a 1-in-100 year flood event in over 130 key port cities worldwide. A 1-in-100 year flood event is a commonly accepted risk assessment standard. The study aims to help policy makers determine where to focus adaptation strategies to climate extremes and to understand the potential benefits of mitigation policy. It is the first in a series of OECD reports looking at the economic impact of climate change on cities. 

Appraising the Socio-economic Impacts of Climate Change for Finland
Finnish Environment Institute 2007
FINADAPT Working Paper 12

Rapporten behandler økonomisk opgørelse af klimaændringer og klimatilpasning. Den præsenterer et første groft skøn over omkostninger og gevinster ved klimaændringer og foreslår nogle forskningsemner. Rapporten er del af FINADAPT studiet.