Danish Publications - 2013
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Danish Publications - 2013

Rethinking urban water for new value in cities

In this white paper Rethink Water sets out a wide range of examples showing how Danish water expertise is used in Denmark and around the world to help find the best sustainable solutions for cities. Rethink Water is a gateway to expertise in water efficiency and sustainable water management. This expertise includes how to profit from water investments and is based on the experiences Denmark has gained from rethinking water for over 30 years. 


The Danish Road Dirctorates's strategy for adapting to climate change

The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for the national road network, consisting of around 3,800 km of roads and more than 2300 structures, including 50 major bridges and four tunnels. The national road network accounts for just 5% of all public roads, but carries almost half of Denmark's total traffic volume.
Relevant research and the development of climate prediction models show that over the next century, Denmark should be prepared for significant changes in climatic conditions. For this reason the Danish Road Directorate has prepared a strategy for managing climate change that can affect the national road network.


Green Roofs Copenhagen

Report concerning green roofs in the city of Copenhagen. Contains information regarding the advantages of green roofs, practical information pertaining to green roofs in the context of Copenhagen and specific examples of already developed projects.


State of Green - Water Tours

State of Green off ers you the opportunity to experience stateof-the-art Danish water and climate adaptation solutions. A tour offers you a chance to take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish companies, utilities and institutions and find solutions to the water related challenges of your industry and society. You can combine business meetings with site visits and conferences and other events in the area of your interest.


GEUS/NST - Assessing impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and drainage canals on saltwater intrusion to coastal aquifer

Groundwater abstraction from coastal aquifers is vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise because both may potentially impact saltwater intrusion and hence groundwater quality depending on the hydrogeological setting. In the present study the impacts of sea level rise and changes in groundwater recharge are quantified for an island located in the Western Baltic Sea.


DTU Report 11.2012 - Methodological framework, analytical tool and  database  for the assessment of climate change  impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in Denmark

This report provides a short introduction to a methodological and modelling framework that can be used to assess climate risks and adaptation options. The framework has been developed in a Danish context as part of an on-going collaboration between Danish universities and other research institutions in research projects as well as in the context of the Coordination Unit for Danish Research in Climate Change Adaptation (KFT).