2014 - Danish Publications
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2014 - Danish Publications

Ecosystem based approaches to Climate Adaptation

This report from Aarhus University presents a pilot study of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation in cities. Green roofs in cities can reduce the negative impacts from precipitation and urban heat island effects, while promoting ecosystem services in cities such as biodiversity, recreational activities, social inclusion and aestestics.


Climate Adapted Cities - Solutions from Copenhagen

This booklet presents a series of climate adaptation solutions all from Copenhagen. Arranged thematically the reader is taken through climate adaptation solutions in among others, buildings, the harbour and integrated planning. Each theme is further develop through cases.


DCE: Ecosystem - based approaches to climate change adaptation

This report provides the findings of a pilot study on ecosystem based approaches to climate adaptation in the municipality of Copenhagen. It looks at prospects and conflicts in relation to systematically introducing ecosystem services in dense urban areas for the benefits of inhabitants. It investigates attitudes, experiences and views of city planners and introduces and tests a novel participatory process of involving citizens.


The researchers have chosen to focus on the case of green roofs as an urban space where competition for use is minimal compared to ground level space. The approach combines spatial analysis using Geographic Information System, environmental sociology and environmental economics. Policy document analysis was conducted along with qualitative interviews with selected city planners and one deliberative valuation workshop with inhabitants of a social housing block in Sct. Kjelds' Neighbourhood, Copenhagen.