Publications before 2007
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Publications before 2007

Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implication of Climate Chance: A Joint Analysis for Sea Level Rise and Tourism

Andrea Bigano, Francesco Bosello, Roberto Roson, Richard S.J. Tol
FEEM Working Paper No. 135.2006 og CMCC Research Paper No. 05
Fondazione Eni Enrico MatteiĀ  2006

The report focuses on the economic assessment of two specific climate change impacts: sea-level rise and changes in tourism flows. By using a CGE model the two impacts categories are first analyzed separately and then jointly. Comparing the results it is shown that, even though qualitatively joint effects follow the outcomes of the disjoint exercises, quantitatively impact interaction do play a significant role. It has also been possible to disentangle the relative contribution of each single impact category to the final result. Demand shocks induced by changes in tourism flows outweigh the supply side shock induced by the loss of coastal land.

Cost of Policy Inaction
Scoping study for DG Environment
Jan Bakkes et al
Netherlands Environmental Agancy in association with Institute European Environmentla Policy GHK and Amstardam Universitet 2006

Cost of Policy Inaction is defined as the damage occurring in the absence of additional policy or policy revision. The study portrays COPI as an instrument that can typically be used in the early phases in policy development, when the emphasis is on identifying problems, warning and communicating the need for policy action. It can also perhaps sketch the urgency relative to other issues. Furthermore, COPI is able to indicate what sectors need to take action; however, it is not suitable for comparing and choosing between different policy options, or for judging on the efficiency of policies. COPI would seem to be a powerful tool for these early phases, formulating a head-on statement of the problem and spelling this out in economic terms. The study identifies a number of areas where it would make sense to apply the COPI concept.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the New Orleans Flood Protection System
Hallegate S.
Regulatory Analysis 06-02 AEI-Brookings Joint Center, 2006

The report stresses the high sensitivity of a CBA recommendation to several uncertain assumptions, highlight the importance of second-order costs and damage heterogeneity in welfare losses, and show how climate change creates an additional layer of uncertainty in infrastructure design that increases the probability of either under-adaptation (and increased risk) or over-adaptation (and sunk costs).

Climate Adaptation: Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Making
UKCIP Technical Report 2003
R. Willows and R. Connell, R. (eds.)

The report provides a step-by-step decision-making framework to help planners, businesses and government assess the risk posed by climate change, and work out how best to respond.