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Technologies and methods for climate change adaptation
Over the coming decades we will gradually experience more rain, more wind, higher water levels and more extreme weather events. This means that individuals, businesses and authorities must consider climatic conditions when deciding where to buy a new house, whether to renovate, where to place warehouses, offices and porduction buildings, and when planning infrastructure.

In upcoming years, Danish local governments will prepare and implement climate change adaptation plans. These plans will include mapping the risk of flooding, and will provide an overview and allow for prioritising efforts.

Therefore, both well-known and new, effective technologies and methods will be in demand; in particular solutions to manage the implications of rising sea levels and more frequent and more powerful rainfall.

On this page we have put together a catalogue of technologies and methods within three topics:


Normal rainfall and cloudburst

Sea level rises


The catalogues are not exhaustive and will be updated on a regular basis as new technologies become available.

Under each topic, you can find inspiration from examples of climate change adaptation by municipalities and a list of relevant partnerships and support schemes.

If you want to tell us about a technology that is not the list, please feel free to contact us via: