Newsletter | 11-03-2014
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Newsletter #11

The 98 Danish municipalities are right now finalizing their action plans for climate change adaptation. More than half of the plans have been through a public consultation and the rest will catch up during the spring 2014. Each plan includes a flood risk mapping and sets the priorities for the local climate change adaptation measures.


Climate adaptation technologies
In December 2013 climate adaptation technologies were presented at the webportal. The input concentrate on technologies related to 1) normal rainfall and cloudbursts 2) sea level rises and 3) emergency preparedness. Read more about technological solutions here




Implementation of the EU Floods Directive
The second step of the Directive includes the preparation of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps for the ten risk areas identified in Denmark under step one. Flood hazard maps and flood risk maps are now available on the internet.

See the new maps here (only in Danish) 



A new tool, Agriwizard is an interactive guide for farmers on protecting a farm against extreme weather events. Try the tool here.


More examples of climate change adaptation:

Innovative climate change adaptation at Lemvig Harbour  
Innovative climate change adaptation at Lemvig Harbour
Climate change adaptation and city development go hand in hand in Lemvig. A curved concrete wall winding across the harbour area has been built to keep water away from the city and at the same time bring new vitality to the harbour.
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Fighting water with water  
Fighting water with water
The City of Frederiksberg and the City of Copenhagen have improved their preparedness with a new type of mobile dam which can also function as a reservoir when the cities need to store rainwater or wastewater.
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Effective technology for treating surface water  
Effective technology for treating surface water
The HydroSeparator treats contaminated surface water. This technology, which has been tested in the two Danish cities of Copenhagen and Middelfart, requires only minimal maintenance and test results show convincing treatment effects.
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