Newsletter | 14-07-2010
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Newsletter #2
First of all, a big “thank you” for the positive response to our first newsletter.

In this second newsletter we present you with updated data from the portal on future sea levels in Denmark, as well as data from the A1B scenario.

Furthermore, the Information Centre for Climate Change Adaptation has just completed a questionnaire study of Danish municipalities. This study gives a good insight into how far Danish municipalities have come in terms of climate change adaptation; and it is clear they have come a long way.

One case deals with climate-adapted afforestation. The objective of the afforestation project north of Copenhagen is to secure existing groundwater sources against increasing fertilization and pesticides, and to ensure that the forest is adapted to climate change.  The latter is taking place by planting a mix of species capable of withstanding the predicted more powerful storms.

A new research project draws attention to the challenges that will be facing architects in the future due to climate change.

Finally, a new Baltic Sea project, BALTADAPT, is presented, which was recently awarded funding support of EUR 2.8 million under the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. The project is being managed by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

Climate change adaptation by local government  
Climate change adaptation by local government
A study on climate change adaptation by Danish municipalities (“Klimatilpasning i danske kommuner”) was carried out in May 2010
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New forests adapted to future climate  
New forests adapted to future climate
Climate change has been taken into consideration in two afforestation projects west of Hillerød, in North Zealand, aimed at protecting and optimising groundwater resources.
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