Newsletter | 15-10-2010
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Newsletter #3
In mid august this year, Denmark experienced several extreme downpours.

A major approach road to Copenhagen was closed for more than 24 hours due to flooding. Several places received as much as 100mm of rainwater in only a short time. Fortunately, the heavy downpours fell during the weekend, which significantly reduced the number of delays and traffic problems.

According to a Danish climate researcher, the extreme downpours were partly due to the hot weather in Russia with strong and stable high pressure west of Siberia. Three days later, Mid-Jutland was hit by similar downpours. The city of Billund received around 135mm, which meant the local airport had to close down for a couple of hours.


This newsletter includes two new cases. One of these focuses on new green education programmes, e.g. concentrating on climate change at both practical and academic levels. The second case shows how an invasive species, the Pacific oyster, has occasioned a new tourism concept in the form of oyster hunts.

A summary of a cross-cutting socio-economic screening of climate adaptation measures published by the Information Centre for Climate Change Adaptation is also presented in the newsletter. The report from the screening indicates a need for more detailed socio-economic analyses within coastal protection, buildings, roads/railways and sewerage.

A new centre has been established, the European Topic Center on Adaptation. The Center is primarily to deliver support to the European Environment Agency as well as the Agency's information and observation network, Eionet.

Climate change paves the way for new tourism concept  
Climate change paves the way for new tourism concept
The invasive species Pacific oyster has spread rapidly in the Wadden Sea in recent years. The oysters create problems for the Wadden Sea ecosystem, but are also an opportunity for attracting tourists to the area.
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New educations in climate change adaptation  
New educations in climate change adaptation
Green Urban Transformers, Master of Disaster Management, Garden and Park Engineering, and Roof Gardener. These are just a few of the new training programmes offered in Denmark focussing on climate change
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