Climate change map
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Climate change map


With this interactive map of climate change in Denmark, you can see the predicted future climate for areas of your choice.

Please note that not all map elements have been translated from Danish into English.
Below is an example of future temperature impacts.

In the interactive climate change map you can zoom in on a geographical area of Denmark and see the predicted future climate for this area. With only a few clicks of the mouse you can download a detailed report (PDF file) to your computer. The report presents existing knowledge about predicted climate change impacts. The information can be used as a basis for more detailed analyses of climate change consequences for the area.

The predictions are based on the UN climate panel (IPCC) scenarios A2, B2 and A1B, and on the EU's 2°C climate scenario for Europe (EU2C). Each scenario calculates future climate change from a number of assumptions, e.g. future CO2 emissions. Of the three scenarios selected, A2 assumes the highest CO2 emissions, while EU2C assumes the lowest. In the interactive map, you can select which climate change scenario you wish to see data for.

You can select whether you want to look at temperatures, precipitation, groundwater, wind conditions, cloud cover, runoff or heatwaves. You will be able to see mean climate change figures for specific seasons or months.