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Øresund Bridge now set to resist a 10,000-year storm surge

The more than seven million drivers and their passengers crossing the Sound via the Øresund bridge and tunnel each year can now rest assured a storm surge will not leave them stranded along the way. Øresundsbro Konsortiet is protecting the four-kilometre-long tunnel against a surge. When the current projects have been completed in 2025, the tunnel part of the Øresund link will be able to withstand a 10,000-year storm surge projected up to 2050. The Øresund link between Denmark and Sweden was designed to withstand a 10,000-year storm surge when it was first inaugurated in 2000. But climate projections have changed since then. According to new climate models, we can expect to see more frequent and more powerful storm surges. The current projects therefore involve building new dikes and a concrete wall to protect the tunnel stretch of the link.

  • The storm surge protection will be fully established in 2025
  • Increasing risk of storm surges with enormous costs
  • Large and small dikes and a long concrete wall
  • An important transport corridor for society
  • Storm surge protection for DKK 60 million
  • Directives and other legislation
  • Early dialogue with all parties is crucial
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