The Resilient House
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The Resilient House

The Resilient House provides an interactive guide to climate change adaptation of your house with regard to the problems that may arise from extreme weather events.


In all likelihood, the future will bring more powerful and more frequent periods of rainfall to Denmark, longer heathwaves and overall more precipitation in the form of rain and snow. Cloudbursts and sudden thawing typically affect home owners and their basements most severely, as large quantities of water pool up near houses. The Danish Nature Agency is therefore offering this 'interactive house' wizard which offers advice on how to protect your home against climate change.  

The Resilient House  includes six scenes in and around the house: Three scenes outside the house, one in the living room, one in the basement, and one that deals with precautionary measures in relation to cloudbursts.

In each scene you can click to select different spots in the scene representing an extreme weather issue. There is a description linked to each spot of the problem and solutions. For example, in a scene outside the house you can click on a stormwater infiltration bed for information about the best way to lead stormwater away from the outer walls and foundations of your house.

Individuals and homeowners can find inspiration in The Resilient House to become more alert to problems associated with extreme weather events, before they occur on their property. There may be a huge financial benefit to reap, because prevention clearly makes much more sense than cleaning up and repairing damage.

The Resilient House has been developed by the Danish Nature Agency in collaboration with Thomas CGI design, Operate, the Danish Energy Agency  and the Danish Building Research Institute.

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