The Danish Coastal Authority is launching a new coastal planning tool aimed at Danish coastal municipalities

24. February 2021
Based on new national risk mapping, the Danish Coastal Authority is now making new analyses and strategies available for use in coastal planning efforts. "Kystplanlægger" is a coastal planning tool targeted at coastal municipalities but available for everyone.

Cities100 report: Five Danish cities among world elite

31. March 2020
As many as five Danish cities are represented in this year’s Cities100 report. Two of the projects are climate change adaptation projects.

Large-scale flood-proofing near Knudshoved will save the fire-bellied toad

24. March 2020
The EU LIFE programme, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Rosenfeldt Estate have joined forces to climate-proof the Knudshoved Odde peninsula.

New national survey of land movements

18. March 2020
The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency has updated its survey of vertical and horizontal land movements for all of Denmark. The survey can be used to assess whether the soil will settle, e.g. around dikes, roads, railways and other important infrastructure.

EEA publish new report

6. April 2017
Despite budgetary challenges, cities and towns across Europe are taking action to put in place measures that will help them adapt to the impacts of climate change. A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report highlights the opportunities open to municipalities to share best practices and how they can support projects like green roofs or expanding city parks to help alleviate the negative effects of climate change.

New book on climate change

24. March 2017
The Danish Board of Technology Foundation has recently finished a project "BASE" in cooperation with various Danish municipalities and European cities concerning the challenges of climate change.

New Nature Solutions Prevent Cities from Flooding

5. January 2017
Climate proofing doesn’t only have to be about digging holes in the ground or expanding drain pipes. By thinking creatively, climate proofing could clear the way for new nature solutions, more outdoor life, and less nitrogen in the water. Nine new projects are providing tangible examples.

CLIWAT - Groundwater

13. July 2016
In a new book, from the international research project CLIWAT, the main results and recommendations of the projects are highlighted. The book is aimed at politicians and decision makers on a local, regional, national level.

Climate adaptation is worth millions

3. March 2016
A new tool calculates whether flood prevention really does pay off. On the Danish island Lolland, the tool has already shown that adaptation to climate changes by means of a new lake provides an economic gain of DKK 20 million.

Exotic fish species in Danish waters due to climate change

18. July 2013
New research from the Technical University of Denmark shows that the rise in sea temperature has encouraged fish species from warmer seas to migrate northwards. Danish fishermen could soon be fishing for swordfish and anchovies instead of cod and herring.
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