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CLIWAT - Groundwater

CLIWAT - Groundwater

In a new book, from the international research project CLIWAT, the main results and recommendations of the projects are highlighted. The book is aimed at politicians and decision makers on a local, regional, national level.

Climate changes alter the conditions for water supply and the way we build roads and houses. Project CLIWAT (CLImate Change and Ground WATer) aims to highlight impacts of climate  change on groundwater. The project involves  16  partners from  Belgium, Holland,  Germany  and Denmark. Funding for the project is part of  EU development Interreg IVB.

The book "Ground  Water  in  a  future  climate" describes  the changes in groundwater resources due to  saltwater  intrusion, increased leaching to  groundwater from  pointsources, fields and  urban areas. The book also  describes  the surface water and ecosystem  impact  on groundwater  and an assessment  of the demand on  water resources  in the future.

The climate changes described  in the book  are based on  IPCC scenarios.  And can serve as assess for decision makers dealing with the future impacts on  groundwater resources  and its consequences  for the society.  The book also serves as inspiration  for the development of climate-proof  wetlands, in line  with EU directives.


CLIWAT  project  studies have been conducted  in seven  case areas in the  North Sea region,  where various measurements  and groundwater mapping has been done.  The project  started in  September  2008 and will end in  March 2012.

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