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BusinessWizard provides an interactive guide to climate change adaptation of businesses with regard to the problems that may arise from extreme weather events.

The future climate is likely to contain a higher frequency of cloudbursts, heat waves, more snow and heavier storms in many parts of Europe. Due to these facts the Danish Nature Agency has developed this interactive guide which provides some advice for businesses wish want to climate-adapt their buildings and production facilities.

BusinessWizard contains three scenes: One for outside, one for the interior of a factory and warehouse and one for office spaces. In each scene you can click on different spots which each describes a situation that may cause problems when a extreme weather event occurs and the solutions to these problems.

BusinessWizard thus provides a source of inspiration to you as a company owner or manufacturer on how you can prepare for the changing climate before you experience the potentially heavy damages and associated costs of extreme weather events. 
There are often great financial rewards in timely and smart instalments of simple prevention measures as opposed to the costs of cleaning up and repairing after damages or the lowering of production capacity for a period of time.

Little improvements such as a strategically placed drop in the level of a lawn or tile or the proper placements of sun blinds is sometimes enough to keep your facility safe and make sure your business and stock merchandise remains intact.