Coastal Planner
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Coastal Planner

In 2017, the Danish government initiated cross-ministerial work to identify initiatives to prevent and mitigate future flood events and the negative impacts of coastal erosion and climate change. Coastal Planner 2120 is one of these initiatives.


Risk assessment up to 2120

Coastal Planner is a nationwide risk assessment of coastal risks, i.e. erosion and flooding, and also includes suggestions for strategies and specific initiatives that can be applied directly by municipalities in their planning and climate change adaptation efforts along coasts.

The risk assessment has been completed for the entire Danish coastline, which stretches 7,300km. Three time perspectives were examined: Today, as well as a 50-year and 100-year perspective. Up to 2120.


How can municipalities use Coastal Planner?
Coastal Planner is intended to form the scientific basis for future climate change adaptation in Danish coastal areas, at national as well as local levels. On the basis of the most recent coastal engineering knowledge, nationwide modelling and comprehensive risk calculations, Coastal Planner provides a national overview, which municipalities can use in their coastal protection efforts, at strategic as well as operational levels.


What Coastal Planner can do
Coastal Planner therefore aims to provide the individual coastal municipality with an overall risk assessment of the coastline within the municipality. The tool can:


  • Provide an overview of the degree to which an area may be threatened by flooding or erosion, today and in the future.


  • Form the basis for possible preventative measures to minimise losses in connection with future flood and erosion events.


  • Strengthen the basis for long-term municipal planning and investment.


  • Promote and verify holistic solutions in coastal areas, including projects run by the municipality (municipal joint projects).


  • Examine the possibilities for risk management of longer stretches of coast through joint municipal collaboration and generally form the basis for coastal protection projects across municipal boundaries.


  • Be the basis for application processing and case processing related to coastal protection projects.


Inspiration for coastal protection, with local impact

Coastal Planner encourages comprehensive solutions across longer stretches of coast; solutions that are not only cost-effective and with optimal impact, but which also benefit the local community in general. Homeowners planning to establish coastal protection can therefore also find ideas in Coastal Planner as well as use it as a basis for their decisions.