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Cities100 report: Five Danish cities among world elite

Cities100 report: Five Danish cities among world elite

As many as five Danish cities are represented in this year’s Cities100 report. Two of the projects are climate change adaptation projects.

The Cities100 report was prepared jointly between Nordic Sustainability, C40 and Realdania. The report contains the 100 most ambitious and innovative climate projects from across the world.

The aim of the projects in the Cities100 report is to provide inspiration internationally. Therefore, the projects from the five Danish cities are examples of how local solutions can contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and can help cities adapt to the climate of the future.

The five projects include extensive climate plans, broad citizen engagement, sustainable transportation systems, efficient climate change adaptation, future-proof energy systems and innovative reuse of raw materials.

Two of the Danish projects are climate change adaptation projects: Frederiksberg Municipality’s cloudburst project and Gladsaxe Municipality’s citizen engagement project at Kong Hans Garden. “It’s really positive to see five Danish cities represented among the greatest and most forward-looking cities in the world when it comes to acting on acute climate challenges. This shows that we are on the right track in Denmark. A great number of cities have come really far with regard to reducing greenhouse gases and adapting their city to increasing water volumes due to higher temperatures. Good examples and cooperation nationally and internationally are what is now needed to bring the cities all the way to the finish line,” said Jesper Nygård, CEO of Realdania, who financed Cities100.