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Climate park in Vejle to keep basements and roads dry

Vejle Municipality, the local water utility company and a local housing association have joined forces in a climate change adaptation project to prepare some of the eastern district of Vejle for more extreme rainfall in the future. The climate project consists of five sub-projects to ensure rainwater is effectively channelled into Vejle Fjord rather than into basements and onto roads. The new area will also offer a recreational space for play, ball games and outdoor relaxation. The first sub-project is the Climate Park: a green 750-square-metre wedge with an open, several-hundred-meter-long water channel. The Climate Park sub-project is part of a larger climate project in the eastern district of Vejle, the aim of which is to channel rainwater runoff along a 3.5-kilometre-long conduit from the higher-lying northern part of the district downhill into the fjord. The entire water passage can cope with as much water as will fall during an 80-year to 100-year rainfall event, projected to the year 2100.

  • Fittingly inaugurated during heavy rain
  • Too much flooding a nuisance to residents
  • Meandering watercourse and small lakes
  • From flat, damp grass field to hilly park landscape with watercourses
  • The local water utility company is paying 75% of the project
  • The entire process will take seven years
  • The project turned out to be more expensive than estimated and has confirmed that patience and goodwill are virtues in project cooperation.
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