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Green rainwater solution creates a new beautiful urban space in Copenhagen

Tåsinge Plads, a square in the district of Østerbro, Copenhagen, has been protected against heavy rainfalls. A total of 2,000 square metres of asphalt and a rather boring piece of lawn have been removed and transformed into a green oasis that can retain and collect rainwater from an area of road and rooftops half the size of a soccer field. So there is no longer the same risk that sewers will overflow in the event of powerful rainfall, because rainwater from the square and surrounding roofs will now drain into a series of rainwater basins or it will seep down into flower beds planted with plants that tolerate salty water. At the same time, residents in the area now have a new, exciting urban space; a meeting place for adults and a playground for children.

  • Status: Tåsinge Plads is ready to take on new cloudbursts
  • Background: Neighbourhood beautification coupled with climate protection
  • The solution: Rainwater solution gives more urban green space
  • Benefits and added value: Tåsinge Plads sets the standard
  • Financing: Co-funded by a utilities company
  • The process and stakeholders: Political backing
  • Barriers: Legal problems slowed the process
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