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Heat from groundwater in Høje-Taastrup Municipality

The local district heating company, Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme, pumps up groundwater, sends it, and the energy it contains, onwards through a heat pump and into the district heating pipelines; thus killing two birds with one stone. An excellent business case is what originally prompted Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme to start using groundwater for heat production. However, the process also lowers the high groundwater levels in the area. Previously, residents in the area experienced frequent flooding of their basements because the water table has risen by several meters over the past years. The cooled water is pumped into the Mølleåen river, which will significantly improve the living conditions for flora and fauna. Dispensation from the Danish Energy Agency was required, because the area is otherwise designated for heat supply from CHP.

  • Up and running since January 2019
  • High groundwater levels and cheap energy
  • Extracting energy from groundwater to heat homes
  • Dry basements and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Problem with elevated groundwater solved at no cost
  • A simple project with many stakeholders
  • Minor problems - nothing serious
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