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New lake in the town of Gedved helps fend off water from private properties

In the small town of Gedved north of Horsens, Jutland, the Danish Nature Agency has established an almost 42-hectare stormwater wetland area, including a restored Gedved Lake. The purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of nitrogen that ends up in Horsens Fjord. At the same time, the project has improved the natural habitat, i.e. by introducing a wildlife corridor. Horsens Municipality has also designed the new stormwater wetlands to serve as a buffer during heavy precipitation events. Downstream of the new wetlands, properties near Gedved Mill used to be troubled by flooding. However, after establishment of the new lake, even the record amounts of rain during the autumn of 2019 did not cause problems. How substantial a precipitation event the lake can cope with has not been calculated.

  • Gedved Lake has been officially opened and now detains back both nitrogen and water
  • Homes knee-deep in water
  • The new lake can hold more than 720,000 cubic metres of water
  • Climate change adaptation is an added benefit
  • Horsens Municipality paid for climate-proofing the private properties
  • Made possible by voluntary agreements
  • Landowners once bitten twice shy
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