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Rehabilitation Centre now a part of Climate-Adapted Recreational Park in Aarhus

New synergies have emerged in climate change adaptation efforts in Aarhus. The surroundings of the Danish centre of rehabilitation, research and development, MarselisborgCentret, integrate health, urban nature, rehabilitation and climate change adaptation in a single project. The project is called SPARK - in Danish, an acronym for health, park, activities, rehabilitation and climate change adaptation. The project is part of local water company Aarhus Vand's strategy to couple health and climate change adaptation efforts. SPARK is the first concrete result of the strategy. In this project, MarselisborgCentret, the Central Denmark Region and the City of Aarhus have collaborated to establish a 7.3-hectare area in the city, able to contain and retain almost all the rainwater that falls on the centre site. As a side-effect of the project, the many users of the centre and the thousands of local residents in the area now have fantastic new recreational opportunities. The SPARK park has been financed with funds from various foundations. The park is designed to withstand a 35-40-year rainfall event.

  • Thousands of people enjoy the park on a weekly basis
  • Several, equally important considerations in one project
  • Hills, hollows, a lake and a meandering watercourse
  • An urban area with a three-fold value
  • DKK 45 million divided among several partners
  • Classical project, but with the mark of a philantropic association
  • Varied wishes and needs of users
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