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Storm surge protection and new harbour environment in Svendborg

The Blue Edge (Den Blå Kant) will be the residents of Svendborg's new common harbour space between the city and the sea. Three sluiceways and a belt of fixed and mobile dikes along the outer perimeter of Svendborg Harbour will protect the area against storm surges of up to three meters above mean sea level. Svendborg city lies elevated compared to the harbour. The project will therefore also establish several emergency flood channels leading stormwater runoff from the city directly into the harbour basin. The harbour basin can be used as a reservoir to protect the harbour area onshore against flooding during cloudbursts when the city sends cascades of water downhill. Svendborg Municipality estimates the total project cost to be several hundred million kroner. The municipality therefore also expects the full project will take more than ten years to complete. Once complete, however, the harbour area of Svendborg will be able to withstand a 100-year storm surge event and a 100-year rainfall event.

  • First steps of The Blue Edge project already in the making
  • Threatened by water from both the city and the sea
  • A long dike, sluices and emergency flood channels to keep the harbour safe
  • New public urban space with lots of amenities
  • Financing from the municipality, the local utility company, the EU and foundations
  • Many stakeholders involved from the start
  • Substantial investment and long-term political backing
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