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The Enghaveparken Climate parken in Copenhagen now attracts both people and stormwater drainoff

The more than 90-year-old green oasis, Enghaveparken, in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen has been transformed following an extensive renovation project. The park is now one of the largest climate change adaptation projects in the City of Copenhagen. The project to renovate Enghaveparken was a collaboration between the municipality, Områdefornyelsen Vesterbro (municipal district renewal initiative) and HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility. Several foundations also contributed to the project, and residents in the area were invited to be a part of the project as well. Following the project, Enghaveparken can now retain 22,600 cubic meters of stormwater runoff, and normal rainfall channelled to the park can be reused. In addition, major upgrades have been made to Enghaveparken, so that the park now has improved facilities for play, recreation and nature experiences. All renovation and renewal work was carried out with respect for the park's original architectural characteristics.

  • The new Enghaveparken was inaugurated in December 2019
  • Too much rainwater in too little space
  • Rainwater retained and reused
  • Comprehensive climate change adaptation
  • The municipality and the water utility have each invested tens of millions of kroner in the project.
  • The public was involved in the project from the very beginning. The project was carried out following a traditional project model.
  • Important to preserve the park's original architectural characteristics
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