Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

Will more powerful storms cause problems for wind turbines?


Answer: It may be necessary to shut down wind turbines during powerful storms in order to avoid excess power generation. Excess power generation is when the generation of electricity from the turbines exceeds current consumption and exports of electricity. The electricity grid will break down if consumption and generation are more or less equal., which is responsible for the Danish electricity grid, maintains an emergency preparedness plan in the event of excess power generation.


Will there be more frequent and longer power cuts?


Answer: Greater risk of flooding means greater risk of breakdown in the local electricity supply due to water in electrical installations in e.g. basements. The high voltage wires are neither vulnerable to precipitation nor to wind, however transformer substations in the high voltage system are vulnerable to flooding. In ten years, it is expected that all air cables vulnerable to storms will have been replaced by underground cables, and this will result in fewer faults and power failures due to storm damage.