Climate change impact on preparedness
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Climate change impact on preparedness

More frequent and dangerous storms, flooding, powerful rainstorms, drought, etc. create a need for more resource demanding efforts and assistance from the Danish Fire and Rescue Service. The Danish Fire and Rescue Service can be deployed in actions to prevent, limit and relieve injuries and damage to people, property and environment.

For this, continuous consideration and decisions are required with regard to procurement, development, maintenance, composition and strategic location of equipment. 

Ongoing adaptation of Danish Fire and Rescue Service is always underway. This development will continue on the basis of observed weather events, experience from efforts undertaken and expectations for the future. 

Since 2007, the municipalities in Denmark have based their local Fire and Rescue Services on local risk evaluations, which include risks caused by weather events. The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) will contribute to seeing that knowledge about climate change and extreme weather events is taken into account in this risk based design of local Fire and Rescue Service as well as planning on a local level.

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