2012 - Danish publications
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2012 - Danish publications

Action Plan for a climate-proof Denmark 

"How to manage cloudbursts and rain water" is the Danish national action plan for a climate-proof Denmark.

This Action plan for a climate-proof Denmark provides an overview of the initiatives that the government has either planned, or already set in motion, to ensure that Denmark will become more resilient to climate change.


Mapping climate change - barriers and opportunities for action

This report constitutes the background for the Danish national action plan for a climate proof Denmark (see above).
Based on data from the IPCC regarding future climatic changes this report analysis a series of consequences, possibilities and barriers related to various sectors including: physical infrastructure, businesses, biological and cross-sectorial areas.
This report ends with a socioeconomic analysis of climate change adaptation.


danskVAND Vol.3 - Theme climate change adaption
DANVA magazine with a focus on extreme downpours and climate change adaption.

ICZM scenarios for the coast of South Lolland, Denmark
The SUSCOD project is a collaboration between different governmental institutions, associations and municipalities, where adaptation to climate and sea level rise has a central role. South Lolland is low elevated and the coast is now protected by a dyke. The report from SUSCOD describes how to establish an integrated coastal zone management where the dike is broken up and the water allowed to move in the landscape and create new natural areas behind the coast.

FRI: Climate Adapted planning
The guide is prepared by the Danish association of Consulting Engineers, FRI, which sets out practical guidelines and tips on how consulting engineers can make their projects resilient to climate change.


Climate Change Adaptation in Danish municipalities - what do the politicians say?
"Climate Change Adaptation in Danish municipalities - what do the politicians say?" aims to investigate politicians' attitudes towards climate change adaptation and their roles in local government and the water and sewerage companies' effort.