Detention basins
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Detention basins

Detention basins are used to manage large volumes of stormwater.

Building a basin or reservoir outside the pipe system is the most common method of protecting overloaded stormwater drainage systems. A basin stores (detains and distributes) the flow of stormwater/combined stormwater and wastewater during rainfall events and leads the water to the drainage system when the rain has ceased and the system is ready to cope with more water. The purpose of detention basins is partly to keep the water back, so that less water is conveyed to the receiving water body or to the underlying pipe systems, and partly to make it possible to continue with the same, smaller pipe system.

Detention basins can be shaped as open or closed basins. Closed basins can be made from concrete or plastic crates. Open detention basins are most commonly designed as soil basins. This type of basin is normally the least costly. Soil basins can be designed to hold standing water to integrate them as an element in the natural landscape. Oil and sand traps can be established and the basins can be combined with vegetated areas which help degrade the contaminants in the surface water.



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