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Separate sewers

Separate sewers mean that sewage and rainwater are divided into two separate pipe systems. A separate sewer system minimises the risk of flooded basements during extreme rainfall events for people living in low-lying areas. Should a rain event lead to flooding nonetheless, rainwater not sewage from kitchens and bathrooms will rise up into basements. Separation also means that sewage can be led away via a closed system to the treatment plant instead of ending up in the environment, while rainwater can be led to detention basins and watercourses.


By separating the systems, it is possible to deal with small amounts of water rather than large, uncontrollable accumulations. This will provide for better quality of bathing and drinking water, and for a cleaner environment for both fauna and flora. However, separate sewer systems are not without their cost for home owners, who typically will have to dig a trench on their land and lay the new sewer pipes to where they can be connected to the main municipal sewer systems.


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