Permeable paving
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Permeable paving

Permeable paving is a drainage solution for paved areas such as carparks and roads. Precipitation percolates through bed joints or directly through the paving into the carrying layer (consisting of gravel, crushed stone or plastic crates), and further down into the soil. Rainwater can also seep through a section of the paving, after which it is carried away through drains. This helps to distribute the load.

The problem of flooded streets and squares is most prominent on the clayey soils in eastern Denmark. Here, the infiltration capacity of the soil is poor and the underside of the paved area quickly clogs up. Furthermore, there are serious concerns for groundwater pollution and the City of Copenhagen's environmental authorities do not allow infiltration of stormwater from busy streets. Therefore, a membrane must be established around permeable paved areas in the City of Copenhagen.


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