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Pump well with check valve

A pump well can prevent the backflow of sewage water from drainage installations during cloudbursts in basements in low-lying areas.
Installing a pump well in the drainage pipe between the basement and the public sewerage system can prevent backflow of sewage from the sewerage system. A pump well typically has a sump (a volume) of 0.5 to 1m3, and this allows for the use of drainage installations such as toilets, wash basins, and similar, when the public main sewer is unable to meet demand in cloudburst situations. The non-return valve facing the public sewerage system ensures against backflow of sewage from the main network.

If there is no room to install a pump well outside a building, a lift station can instead be fitted in inside the building/basement. The lift station will typically have a volume of 0.5 m3 and functions like a pump well.



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