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Wireless online flowmeter

With a wireless online flowmeter, the flow in stormwater drainage systems can be measured and the data can be transferred wirelessly via e-mail or text message. This makes it possible to monitor the situation at the flowmeter site at any time and from any place, just as any warnings can be sent via text message or e-mail.
The data collection is usually divided into two types:

1. A data logger in which the data is collected including information about date, time, flow and positive and negative total volumes. Furthermore, any values from external measurements, such as a pressure transmitter for monitoring of pipe pressure.
2. Event data logger that collects data on all events involving the flowmeter, including date and time of day, by the second.


All data can be transmitted wirelessly via GPRS as an e-mail or text message. The results submitted via e-mail can be processed in Excel or viewed in a special program, which can illustrate the data with graphs and create tables with statistical functions.
The flowmeter comes as a stationary or mobile online solution and can be coupled with level meters and rain gauges.

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